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Eylül 27, 2019
Aralık 22, 2019

Mustafa ÇELENK

Address: ​Asiq Molla Cume St. 95E N.Narimanov AZ1052 Baku/Azerbaijan

Phone:  +(994)12-4903900
Mobile:  +(994)55-5151000

Email:     info@axsisgroup.com





  • 2009 Mar – to date            “AXSIS AZE” MMC (AXSIS GROUP MMC) /Baku, Azerbaijan

                                         Position:  owner



Design and revision of IT and Security Systems projects; Operation at sites; Observation and market analysis of the hardware and software development; Development of business relationships; Planning, Regulation and arrangement of IT, Security and Smart technologies services;  (Projects attached)


  • 1997 May –2009 Mar    Azersun Holding /Baku, Azerbaijan

                                       Position:   IT Manager



  • 1993 Jan – 1997 May      Unilever Algida /Istanbul, Turkey

                                        Position:   IT Help Desk Chief




  • 1989– 1993 Marmara University  /Istanbul, Turkey


  • 1996 – 2001 Siyavuspasa Bahçelievler  High School /Istanbul, Turkey


  • No: TRF420150302 Basic Workshop Fire Alarm System by Honeywell Security and Fire Turkey
  • No: TRF4201503202 Specialist Workshop Fire Alarm System by Honeywell Security and Fire Turkey
  • No: TRV220150303 System Workshop Esser Voice Alarm by Honeywell Security and Fire Turkey
  • No: TRV320150303 Professional Workshop Esser Voice Alarm by Honeywell Security and Fire Turkey
  • ISO OSA-RAB IS0900-2000 Certificate Turkey
  • ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Systems Management Consultancy



Windows (Server, XP, 7, 8, 10), Linux (VMware, Slackware, Debian), IOS installation & administration; SQL, Oracle, Firebird Database installation & Problem solving; Network (LAN/WAN) and IP Telephony system configuration and administration, Microsoft Office and Design (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD) programs professional user.


Network layer switches, routers, firewalls, modems and wireless access points installation and configuration; Desktop PC and Server Configuration and service; Fingerprint/ RFID Access and Time attendance Control, Standalone and wireless home security systems, Professional Perimeter Security Systems, Parking Guidance and Payment systems, CCTV Cameras & DVR/NVR installation, Fire alarm and Public Announcement system installation, IPTV, Network, Telephone, all Low Voltage system design.


  • English (Technical level)
  • Turkish (native)
  • Azeri (fluent)


  • Date of birth: 10th Jan 1969
  • Place of birth: Antakya, Turkey
  • Military service: served (2001 Jan)
  • Driving License A2-B Category


Available upon request


  • “Port Baku” building Network, Phone and CCTV systems design revision;
  • “Bilgeh Estates” TV, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Intercom, Network and IP Telephony systems revision

and configuration; Fire alarm station reinstallation.

  • “Altes” Plaza Access Control System configuration;
  • “Gemiqaya” CCTV, Network and Access control System configuration.
  • “Baku Business Center” Wireless Network configuration.
  • “Esra Plaza” CCTV and Fire alarm system configuration.
  • “Bosfor Hotel” Network and Database & App Server Configuration.
  • “Tebriz-Mehr Clinic Hospital” Network, IP telephony, CCTV, Database & App Server Configuration.
  • “DIA Holding” Main office, BHAP, BFTP sites CCTV,  Access Control System configuration
  • “Emporium” Fire Alarm system design, CCTV, TV, Audio, phone and Network configuration.
  • “ISR Residence” Honeywell Access Control System configuration.
  • “DIA Holding-Shahdag” IP Camera and Wireless AP installation and configuration.
  • “Shahdag, Zirve and Gaya Hotels” IPTV system installation.
  • “Zigzag zone” IP Camera, Audio, Access control and Intercom systems Configuration.
  • “QALA” Museum CCTV, Fire Alarm and Intruder Alarm System design and configuration.
  • “GOKNUR” Cable Manufactory IP Camera Installation and Configuration
  • “Babek Plaza” CCTV, Access Control and Parking Payment System Configuration
  • “Balaxani Waste to Energy Factory” Data, Phone, Fire Alarm, PA, Access Control System Configuration
  • “Rosevilles” CCTV, TV, IP Intecom and Fire Alarm System Configuration
  • “Metropark” Tel, Network, CCTV, People Counter Systems configuration
  • “Bakcell” Head Office Access Control Systems Configuration
  • “Astexnika” CCTV design, Network, Tel systems Configuration
  • “Zire Olympic Complex” Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Tel, Network, Billboard, TV systems design.
  • “Park Bulvar” People Counter System and Access Control system configuration
  • “Yeni Heyat” Azure CCTV design and configuration, Parking Guidance and Payment System design.
  • “TOD’S” LV systems configuration
  • “SANTRAL ELEKTRIK” Tel, Network, CCTV, Fire alarm systems design
  • “Customs Hospital” IP CCTV configuration.
  • “Baku Boulevard” Wireless IP CCTV system configuration.
  • “Improtex” Trucks Company Data, IP Tel, Public Announcement, CCTV, PIR alarm system design
  • “Bazar Store” retail chains IP CCTV design and configuration.
  • “Azerbaijan Anti-Plague Station” CCTV and Apollo Security system upgrade.
  • “Baku Shipyard”(SOCAR) Fire Alarm System configuration and integration to SCADA.
  • “Ernst&Young” Baku Office IP CCTV configuration
  • “KPMG” Baku Office Access Control and IP CCTV Configuration
  • “National Gymnastic Arena” Honeywell Intruder Alarm System Configuration
  • “Asan Xidmet” Access Control System Configuration
  • “Trump Tower” Site Access Control System Configuration
  • “Suraxani Clinic Hospital” Network, Firewall, Database and App Server Configuration
  • “Slavyanka Su” Network, Database and App Server Configuration
  • “France Council in Baku” Network, Access Control and Security system Upgrade
  • “DreamLand” Golf Academy CCTV, Public Announcement, Fire Alarm System Configuration and Sales office LV System design revision
  • “Bakelektro WhiteCity” Outdoor LED Monitor Installation
  • “Constitution Court” Bollard System Installation
  • “Heydar Mosque” Bollard System Installation
  • “Anadolu Turkish School” LV System Design and Configuration
  • “Ataturk Turkish School” Fire Alarm and CCTV Design and Configuration
  • “Gumush Plaza” Fire Alarm System Supervision and Configuration
  • “Port Bazar” Network, Telephone, IP CCTV, Access Control Configuration
  • “Grand Hayat” Fire Alarm, CCTV, Parking Guidance and Payment System Design
  • “Auto city” LV System Project Design
  • “Baku Electronics” Time Attendance, People Counter and EAS System Configuration
  • “Pivnaya Apteka” LV System Configuration
  • “Paris Restaurant” LV System Configuration
  • “Starbucks” LV system Configuration
  • “Germany Embassy” IP CCTV, Fire Alarm, Intercom System Installation and Configuration
  • “Netherland Embassy” IP CCTV, Network, Fire Alarm, Intercom and Airlock System Configuration
  • “GOKNUR” Cable Factory IP CCTV Design and Configuration
  • “State Security Service of Communication” Environment Monitoring System Design and Configuration

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