Black Sea coasts are the cradle of the human civilization structuring the modern era and still keeping the eyes on. All history of the geography is full of instabilities followed by great movements of people. However, these activities are followed by the Great Wars shaping the region. The most battlefields of WW 1 and 2 has been happened in the region due to its resources especially energy and strategic routes. Hence, the peaceful economical mapping of the Black Sea and development strategies has been solved within a common agreement in the first possibility of peace period. In the light of the inter-governmental agreements today, the region has a great development potential.

Under today’s war drums we are still keeping the hope of peace and development of the region and take action focusing on the energy side on behalf of multilateral treaties. As TESPAM, we have prepared this report accompanying the International Black Sea Regional Energy Summit. TESPAM has established a working group under it is periphery to enhance and jointly carry out studies together with the regional organizations and universities, which are voluntarily, put their contribution.
In the light of latest vicissitudes, Black Sea Report will summarize you the Energy Crisis, latest developments, future technologies applicable beyond conventional ones such as nuclear and renewables. Providing with numeric values both amounts and percentages report will demonstrate current and future oil and gas situation.
On the other hand, the social impacts of the current geopolitical crises around Black Sea Region is also taken into attention. TESPAM hopes readers to have benefit from the Report, which has been prepared by the TESPAM Study Groups.