Energy Policy Turkey (EPT): EDITOR’S NOTE

Energy Policy Turkey (EPT), now widely recognized and followed throughout the world, has been focusing on energy strategies and policies in and around Turkey or wherever Turkey is involved in “The Energy Game”. EPT performs countrywide, regional and worldwide studies and analysis to make the best judgement on policies for energy supply-demand chain, security, and energy routes, energy related regional and international conflicts, etc. EPT’s previous issues have made bold statements about Turkey to finally take the initiative in the balance of world’s energy equation. The vast reserves of the Middle East and Africa regions have been ridiculed by terror and tribal confrontations, international disputes and fights and even wars. The West has been the authority in those regions by
using divide-separate-manage rule; however, a few Eastern countries such as Turkey, Russia and China have stood up against the Western hegemony in energy matters. The shining stars of the East are now balancing the energy equation and reshaping the key
elements of the global energy game. The fourth issue is dedicated to illuminate a few regional matters in the world energy
balance and weighed advices for Turkey’s current and future strategies and policies. For instance, Turkey’s current strategy in Cyprus talks lacks credibility since Turkey aims to achieve an agreement of Turkish share over Cyprus gas but, in fact, there is no discovery
other than Aphrodite Field, which has no economic value alone. What is to be done at this point is to redesign its exterior political agenda on solid technical finds, i.e. gas options should be omitted from Cyprus talks since there is no technical evidence or proven
gas finds. Turkey can suggest to add such topic after a commercial discovery. Perhaps, should play its water card against Greeks to settle political conflicts over the island. Cyprus article outlines the strategy behind Cyprus Energy Corridor and resource potential
of Eastern Mediterranean. It gives critical advices to reconfigure Turkey’s strategies to simply shape the future of the island.
The artificial Qatar crisis brought by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an interesting story to read. Behind the scene mastermind Israel, United Kingdom and United States of America’s (The Evil) unilateral game changer strategies have
sacrificed those countries that created the crisis against Qatar. Turkey’s full support for Qatar has increased its popularity and access to the Arabic Peninsula. Understanding causes of the crisis is the key to step forward by well-designed intellectual strategies. Current dynamics of Libya and Iraq requires at most attention as these countries are at top of the list of countries with high proven oil reserves. Unresolved governmental restructuring and/or separation has been taking place in both countries, which suggests Turkey has to be involved with new and astonishing strategies either politically or economically or both. It should kept in mind that ignoring or staying away from restructuring is only going to destroy Turkey’s presence in those countries. Some advertisements to aggravate Turkey’s military intervention in Syria is observed in the media that Turkey limits water flow from Euphrates. This is a very old story but some people still use it as a propaganda against Turkey. Such action indicates how desperate the mastermind (The Evil) has gotten by using old fashionable way assuming that the Muslim world is still illiterate. Let’s make a clear note to The Evil: Grow up! Muslims
do NOT buy those stupid tricks anymore! Turkey has done a great job by building New LNG facilities and storage expansions along with new international gas pipeline projects. Installing additional capacity in both LNG and natural gas is going to create a solid impact on Turkey’s ambitions to become “The Energy Hub” in its region. Understanding the diversity of supplies and energy
security issues is going to increase Turkey’s competitiveness in the market that will eventually
help Turkey become a bridge between Asia and Europe in the future. Nuclear power is another option for Turkey’s energy future as Turkey had given a start to build two Nuclear Power Plants in Akkuyu and Sinop. There are also arrangements for a third one in Thrace region. Having a nuclear technology through power plants sounds exciting but there are certain facts about radioactive pollution and wastes that Turkey definitely has to reconsider. The government must articulate its nuclear waste management plans, prepare the necessary legislations, infrastructures, authoritative institutions, rules and regulations before the plants are activated. EPT understands (Turkey and its partnering countries should understand as well) that defining and characterizing strategies are a serious business and should not be left in the hands of illiterates. Aiming towards the right direction obligates influential countries aggregating the experts from all related disciplines under the roof of energy. Genuine experts have been contributing to this precious idea and will continue and connect with valuable energy experts from all around the world to establish a solid framework for “The Future of Energy”.

By TESPAM Publishing Coordinator Necdet Karakurt