Fundamentals in Energy Economy Basis and Feasibility Studies

Precondition Apart from the people who have education and work history in the fields of economics, finance, energy policies, such as education, electrical engineering, geological engineering, civil engineering,  environmental engineering etc. students and alumni are also recommended to attend.
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IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION WHAT?   Turkey is known to be conducive to different forms of energy conversion in a variety of energy sources  and is one of the countries that allow the use in many areas. However, unfortunately, the feasibility studies of the energy resources of our country are insufficient due to the few number of equipped  energy economists and most of the time the projects are evaluated unconsciously. With this education,  the basic principles, theory and applications of energy economy and case studies from different countries will be evaluated.
PURPOSE OF EDUCATION At the end of this course; General features of the well control equipment, standards, issues to be considered in the field applications and uses, the advantages and disadvantages of the importance of checklists and well plans and field applications will be learned what are the sine qua non.
iN EDUCATION bE USED TECHNIQUES The necessary training offerings will be used in the training through MS Powerpoint.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM CONTENT The issues to be covered in this training include: Errors in energy investments known in our country The insufficiency of our country in the field of energy economy and policies, lack of trained experts Status of renewable energy investments and global monitoring programs in Turkey Various examples of feasibility programs Applicable energy policies for our country The current location of the fossil sources and renewable energy sources in Turkey Comparative economic analysis and investment financing opportunities in terms of energy sources environmental economics factor on Investment (deficiency of very serious in Turkey)