Supply and Tender Planning in Energy Area

Precondition This course is designed for a series of experiences with regard to purchase. It is also aimed at those in the supply chain that require an understanding of supply, such as finance and logistics professionals. This course will suit a wide range of professionals and will greatly benefit:
• Supply Personnel
• Contracts and Project Staff
• Engineering, Operation and Maintenance personnel Planning, evaluation, preparation and management of materials, equipment and services
Time Half Day / 1 Day / 5 Days
IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION WHAT?   This course aims to develop qualified and competitive elements by improving the Tender skills and increasing the buyers. The course needs to demonstrate the strategic importance of the tender within the departments by using concepts and ideas to maximize the effectiveness of the supply department and thus reducing costs throughout the supply chain. Procurement is therefore imperative to deliver value to the organization by constantly offering products and services that contribute to the company’s well-being. This will return your own organization with real realistic plans on how to make significant cost savings. This course will take part in:
• Review critical procurement strategies
• Develop the skills necessary for good supplier relationships
• Supply business continuity and urgent planning
• Different approaches in negotiations
PURPOSE OF EDUCATION  At the end of this course;
• Development of critical procurement strategies
• Apply activity-based costing concepts
• Strategies and plans for effective supplier relationships
• Build trust, build trust and build credibility in the working
• Successful negotiations
iN EDUCATION bE USED TECHNIQUES This course will use proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, understanding and retention of the information presented. Real-life scenarios include a comprehensive presentation package, class discussions, participants’ problems, videos and case studies.
Purchasing and Organization  
• Purchasing and organization
• Supply chain
• External environmental impact
• Purchasing Organizations
• Supply Cycle
• Critical Supply Strategies Supplier Management
• Supplier Relations Transformation
• Supplier Evaluation Criteria
• Proper Supplier Methodologies
• Total Cost Approach
• Being a Good Customer
2nd course:
Communication and Change
• Communication techniques, verbal verbal and written More efficient operation and communication lead to minimize stress
• Communication and interaction improves openness confidence • Interpersonal interaction methods
• Preparing to analyze and change the human response. Negotiation Techniques
• Provoke Avoiding Negotiation
• Developing Active Listening Skills
• Negotiating with an Angry Person Recipient used
• Power off
• Negotiation tactics and measures

3th lesson:
Tender Talent Management
• Supplier Measurement
• Vendor Evaluation
• Action Planning
• Price, cost and value

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