TESPAM Technologies About

TESPAM Technologies founded in the campus of Iskenderun Technical University, as an technopark company withing the support of Turkey Energy Strategies and Politics Research Center (TESPAM).

Tespam Technologies creates cutting-edge systems and uses research and development to support the growth of domestic technology systems across numerous industries. We are currently working in many fields such as artificial intelligence, simulated systems, financial technologies and energy technologies. Our aim is to contribute to the development of our domestic engineering capabilities while producing solutions in the field of technology, and to create employment in this field.

Our team is made up of professionals that are committed to developing creative solutions as well as engineers and technical employees who are ready to assist in this area.

Our customers are our partners in identifying emerging needs and solving next-generation operating problems in many areas.

To develop innovative solutions for Turkish technology and to contribute to the studies in this field.

To be one of the leading companies in our country in developing software, producing innovative ideas, creating value-added products in technology.