TESPAM Technologies Our Projects

Within Integration of our Partners, We are Continuing Our Smart Projects

Some of Our Project Groups

  • World Energy DataBase
  • Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in H2S Bearing Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Reservoir Characterization with Microbiology Techniques
  • Hydrogen Production within the Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
  • Subsea H2S Potential Detection
  • EOR Modelling in Mature Oil&Gas Fields with Microchip Technologies
  • Subsea E&P Techniques for Methane Hydrate Prospects
  • Offshore Wind Data Collection and Investment Planning
  • Smart Mining Drones
  • Agricultural Management Systems with Smart Technologies
  • Farming Management Systems with Smart Technologies
  • Subsea Automated ROV Systems
  • Smart Energy Storage Solutions
  • Climate Change Risk Analysis and Carbon Footprint Calculations
  • Chemical – Biological – Radiological – Nuclear (CBRN) Defence Systems with Smart Technologies •Smart City Integration Systems and Regional Energy Management Modules