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Kasım 28, 2018
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Mayıs 23, 2019

Can Mexico Be The New Competitor For Shale Production?

Field Evaluation of Eagle Ford Shale in Mexico

The Eagle Ford formation in Mexico is the extension of the Eagle Ford in the Texas state. Located in the northern side of Mexico, the formation is seen as a source for tremendous amount of hydrocarbon, one that has not been completely developed by the country. A thorough field evaluation is needed to fully understand the field, to develop the proper design for optimal treatments, and to estimate the economic potential of the field.

This paper will discuss the aspects of field evaluation that should be taking place for the field. It will discuss the geology and geochemistry pertaining the formation. Basic understanding of the mineralogy of the field and stress properties of the rock is important in order to have clear objectives on how the well design and completion should be. Data from shale sample is collected and rock evaluation analysis is performed in order to categorize the type of kerogen. This field is classified as an unconventional resource, therefore requires fracture stimulation to achieve an economic hydrocarbon production. Information from other literatures are heavily used in this paper to design drilling operation and stimulation design that fit the formation properties. This paper gives details of the theory and workflow of the design currently implemented by those who are developing the field and evaluate the production data from wells that are currently in producing.

Discussion to optimize well design is included in the paper, along with the economic prospective of the field. These suggestions can be implemented by operators of the Eagle Ford formation to enhance field productivity.



PhD in Mechanical Engineering, June 2022

Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey


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