Settling the Caspian Issue and Realizing the Trans-Caspian Energy Corridor
Kasım 28, 2018
Yeni “Elektrik Piyasasında Lisanssız Elektrik Üretim Yönetmeliği”, Kararname ve Aylık Mahsuplaşma
Mayıs 23, 2019

Can Numerical Simulations Be An Alternative Way For Rock Properties?


Petrophysical properties are the essential parameters for the hydrocarbon exploration, production and field developments in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. In the content of this study, a new technique for measuring petrophysical properties in rocks in a reasonable time which is called as digital rock analysis was examined. Later, the results related to petrophysical characteristics of the rocks obtained using digital rock analysis for two sets of different examples using core samples from an offshore conventional gas reservoir and chalk cuttings were presented. Then, digital rock analysis-based results were compared with the results obtained using the same type of rocks at laboratory conditions. Although there are sometimes differences between the results from digital rock analysis and laboratory experiments, there were also good matches for the results. Therefore, the digital rock analysis can be very useful for obtaining petrophysical properties in not only conventional formations but also especially in unconventional formations where some of the traditional core analysis tests are not possible to be performed in a reasonable time. However, overall, the digital rock analysis still requires much more research, development as well as verification with the laboratory data to be more commonly used technique for determining the petrophysical properties of rocks in the oil and gas industry.



PhD in Mechanical Engineering, June 2022

Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey


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