Uluslararası Enerji Görünümü 2017
Kasım 17, 2017
Baumgarten’da ki Patlamanın Arz Güvenliğine Etkileri
Aralık 15, 2017

Energy Digest for International Investors

The same process goes under way in the English text of the article. My native English speaker American Editor is more ruthless than my local Turkish Editor. “I’m not a technical person. I am an ordinary reader. You can not post an article I do not understand,” s/he says. The corrected/ edited last English version of the article is usually much more different than the first draft. Publication of an article without any editorial supervision is not correct. An article can not be published without the editor. Editor who does not know you personally, is better for you. S/he makes corrections clearer, more honest, more ruthless. Reader comments are also very useful. I consider those reader comments very seriously.


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