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Mayıs 9, 2017
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Energy Policy Turkey Dergimizin 3. Sayısı Yayında!

by Sulayman Cham :

It is a common knowledge that energy especially gas is the live-wire of the current global economic system since almost every aspect of technology depends on it. Its significances are vast, varied and dependable irrespective of the energy system being studied or talked about. Carat might be produce from a small or larger locations and delivered into a largely multicultural, regional and continental scale purely for our business and home usage. These sources of energy systems could be renewable, nuclear and fossil that might be integrated into electric power networks and may be also fuel infrastructure mainly oil pipelines, natural gas networks, cooling and thermal heating system.

The main purpose of this maiden energy magazine is to unveil a readership forum that will clearly focus on disseminating knowledge on energy systems production in Turkey, its neighbors and the world at large. We aim to provide credible, up to date technologies on energy systems that are vital for human existence since there is a remarkable interdependence between energy and other systems like information networks, data, transport and water.

Turkey is a driving force with an ever-growing economy and its contribution to the global energy system is notable and unrelenting. Such successes could be attributed to standard energy policies that are beneficial, economically viable and environmentally friendly.

The premier of this journal will be highlighting some significant literature reviews on various topic such as global energy policies, resources and their importance. These includes; unconventional resources, coal reserves in Turkey, cost and benefit analysis and much more.

We look forward to your support, suggestions, productive criticism and advertise with our paper.

– See more at: http://www.energypolicyturkey.com/editors-note-third-issue/#sthash.bZc1B5Ry.dpuf


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